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New Car? The New Car Question To Buy or Not to Buy

For most people, after buying a house buying a new car is the second largest purchase they will make. With the average price of a new sedan in excess of twenty thousand dollars it becomes a very important decision. Let’s look at some of the factors involved in making the decision to either keep your present car or buy a new one.

Your Present Car

The New Car Question To Buy or Not to BuyFirst you need to find out if your present car is even worth keeping. Once you have this vital piece of information, you can make a well informed choice.

An Honest Assessment

Here at Import Auto Services, we can perform a comprehensive inspection of your car’s overall condition. We can then recommend any maintenance and/or repairs necessary that will keep your car running in top shape.

Conversely, we will be honest and upfront and advise you if we feel it would not be a wise decision to invest money into your present vehicle. For example, we would never recommend a tune-up and a new timing belt on a car with a rotted frame.

Of course, if you have been servicing your car regularly at Import Auto Services, Mark and Greg can easily give you a quick, honest and comprehensive assessment of your vehicle.

Making Your Decision

If the assessment reveals some repairs or maintenance is required to get your present vehicle in top shape, consider the enormous savings of performing the work compared to buying a new car.

If you were to buy a new vehicle, you will have to contend with the down payment, sales and excise taxes. After that comes years of monthly payments along with increased.

If you buy a new car

Remember, Import Auto Services is fully qualified to perform factory recommended schedule maintenance, that will maintain your new car’s warranty (The Magnuson-Moss Act), at significant savings compared to the cost of dealer service.