Making Your Car Run Well For Less

Dealerships have gotten a bad rap when it comes to prices for service, especially routine service visits.  Some of this is deserved and some of it is the marketing of chain service centers and oil change centers.

Many dealerships or car manufactures will offer oil change and tire rotation coupons along with other money saving deals on their websites.  Like the chain oil change centers, they too want your business.Making Your Car Run Well For Less

Advantages of going to a dealership usually boil down to experience with your vehicle make and model.  The technicians at the dealer may be better equipped to spot growing problems with your vehicle before an independent service center can.  At the least, they may be more familiar with the right place to look for these budding issues.

For a regular maintenance visit your local oil change center, last time I visited Jiffy Lube their price was ~$90.

Below is an incomplete list of where to look for dealer coupons.  These are money saving coupons and offers related to manufactures and can be used at most dealerships.  For even more savings, you should consider looking at the website of your preferred local dealer.

As a final note, I would like to relay a story from my own dealer service experience.  In 2008, when my new car needed its first service I called the closest dealership to inquire about their scheduled maintenance costs.  They were a little higher than I wanted.  So I called the dealership in the next town over and their prices were 15% lower across the board.  The moral is that it helps to shop around.  With that here are the links to manufacturers coupons and offers.

Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Pontiac, HUMMER, and Saturn owners can click here to find service specials and coupons.

Ford Owners click here for oil change and tire rotation coupons and money saving offers.

BMW Owners visit this link.

Chrysler, RAM, Fiat, Jeep and Dodge owners can find coupons and offers here.

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